Just (Water Droplets on the) Leaf

Hmmm, this was my first experience. Since a long time ago I always love to see photos of water droplets on the leaf. And I also really want to get it by my self. Alhamdulillah, I was able to do it this morning. Once again, my dream came true. 😀 Dreams will be achieved when we truly believe in our heart 🙂

I get the pictures using my pocket camera with spesifications : 12 MP, 4 x wide optical zoom, 4.8-19.2 mm 1:2.9-6.5. :D

I hope you like it! Cheers! Dyah Sujiati ^___^

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About Dyah Sujiati

Tentang saya?! Seperti apa ya? Entahlah. Kalau saya yang nulis, pasti cuma yang baik-baik saja. Dan itu sulit dipercaya. ;) *Tapi harus percaya kalau saya seorang blogger yang cuma punya sosmed Twitter, tidak punya Facebook, Instagram, Path, dll*
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9 Responses to Just (Water Droplets on the) Leaf

  1. lambangsarib says:

    Air mata juga menetes

  2. matahari_terbit says:

    lanjutkan eksperimenmu ndhuk.. hahaha..
    mpe jago njepret-e =D

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