Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful

Because of my entry about Weekly Photo Challenge : Reflection, i got a great invention from Mr. Nick. (Check it here. Ah, how if i just read the ‘I’d love you’? Ahaha! I’m (not) crazy girl! :mrgreen: Just kidding :))

Then, i try to follow this challenge. Iam not photografer. Just shoot as common, very common. I also capture the pictures just by my pocket camera with spesifications : 12 MP, 4 x wide optical zoom, 4.8-19.2 mm 1:2.9-6.5. 🙂

And i just used Windows Paint to give my signature and Microsoft Office 2010 to compress the files. Hehee. Very common, isn’t it?

But i hope, you will enjoy this pictures! ^____^

Cheers! Dyah Sujiati 🙂

Picture 1Picture 1
For a moment your eyes can see when you cross this street, it was so peaceful. For me Indonesian, right here makes me feel on the abroad. This path is the road to Jombang district, from Babat, Lamongan, East Java. This photo I got on the bus when the bus drove.

Picture 2Picture 2
A very simple home under a Flamboyan tree. After I saw this house then i plan if I already have a home later, I want to plant a Flamboyan tree on my front page. Uhuy! :mrgreen:

Picture 3Picture 3
The scenery is placate if you are on the lake Kastoba. The lake is located on Bawean island, Gresik. The atmosphere there is very quiet and peaceful. It is suitable for those who want to ascetic. # Eh?

Picture 4Picture 4
An unnamed beach. An outside line Bawean Island. For a moment there remain memorable for me. If there is a chance, I hope can visit it again. : D

Picture 5Picture 5
Limestone hill next to my house. The distance is less than 1 kilometer. My favorite place to ‘escape’. Ahahaha!

Picture 6Picture 6

Picture 7Picture 7
A view that appears during the trip up the mountain Panderman. Perhaps, one of the reasons people like to climb mountains, although the body feels sick is this, see the view of beautiful scenary like this, that eventually brings a sense of peace in our heart. Just try it when you feel boring: D

Picture 8Picture 8
Well here it is! This is my home page in the morning before 7 o’clock when the sun began peeking out from behind a tree. Don’t you want to visit me at home? Ehehehee :mrgreen:

This photoes included to the online adventure travel magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s Challenge is: Peaceful!


About Dyah Sujiati

Tentang saya?! Seperti apa ya? Entahlah. Kalau saya yang nulis, pasti cuma yang baik-baik saja. Dan itu sulit dipercaya. ;) *Tapi harus percaya kalau saya seorang blogger yang cuma punya sosmed Twitter, tidak punya Facebook, Instagram, Path, dll*
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14 Responses to Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful

  1. lambangsarib says:

    alas jati dan enthung itu…………..

  2. j4uharry says:

    gambar 5 – 8 indah

  3. pitaloka89 says:

    mira sukanya dari 3-7. hehe
    Cakep2 euy foto2nya…

  4. Gorgeous peaceful shots – we have many Flamboyan trees here in Florida – here we call them Royal Poinciana trees!

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  6. Miljo Anne says:

    very peaceful shots indeed

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