Eun Jo

Because of my friend as a stepmother, then my mind remember to Korean movie with its title: Cinderella Stepsister.

I am here not in the mood to discuss the film. Just talk a little bit about a character named Goo Eun Jo. An introvert girl and wicked. Yes, wicked. Incidentally the film was aired when I became a teacher.

On an occasion I convey about the movie to the students in a class. And I asked them also to see the movie. Then the next day I asked, “How? Have you actually seen the film?”

And they actually compact replied, “Miss. Dyah more wicked than Eun Jo!” (Whattt?! 🙄 )

God, what’s the answer? 😯

But it’s simply not an issue for me. I think it was just a speck of ink on sheets of carpet. (?) Because when I said goodbye to leave the school, no fewer than twenty students were crying.  Their tears simply remove the ink on the carpet sheet. Ahaha! Or they even cried with joy? Whatever, dagh 😛

Ya salam, tulisan apa ini? *buru-buru sign out :mrgreen:

Cheers ^___^
Dyah Sujiati


About Dyah Sujiati

Tentang saya?! Seperti apa ya? Entahlah. Kalau saya yang nulis, pasti cuma yang baik-baik saja. Dan itu sulit dipercaya. ;) *Tapi harus percaya kalau saya seorang blogger yang cuma punya sosmed Twitter, tidak punya Facebook, Instagram, Path, dll*
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