I have a friend. She has been just divorced with her husband. When she was married, she was still a girl while her husband was a widower with two children. Automatically after marriage she became a mother immediately without pregnan and bear children first. She became a mother, a stepmother.

All this time, most of us probably assume that stepmothers are evil and scary figure. So a stepchild is suffering and is often used as an analogy. But apparently, when my friend was divorced, her stepchildren instead chose to go with her. Not join their father.

And if I look around me, some of my friends who have a stepmother, their stepmothers are a good mother. So really, the wicked stepmother just a myth. And it must be broken! Yihi!

Cheers ^___^
Dyah Sujiati


About Dyah Sujiati

Tentang saya?! Seperti apa ya? Entahlah. Kalau saya yang nulis, pasti cuma yang baik-baik saja. Dan itu sulit dipercaya. ;) *Tapi harus percaya kalau saya seorang blogger yang cuma punya sosmed Twitter, tidak punya Facebook, Instagram, Path, dll*
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One Response to Stepmother

  1. lazione budy says:

    single gets single is better.

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