Keep On Moving Forward

Sometimes, I feel envious to someone. He or she has (but I like to say: get) a lot of chances to effort, makes achievement, and contribute for other. Ah sometimes, they make me so envy.

Yes, I understand if I have to try hard to became like them. Not just feel envy. Lets keep on moving forward!

Of course, everything happen not without reasons. All my aim, all I purpose, and all I pursue, they are puzzle pieces of life. So you are. Isn’t it?

cheers ^_^
Dyah Sujiati


About Dyah Sujiati

Tentang saya?! Seperti apa ya? Entahlah. Kalau saya yang nulis, pasti cuma yang baik-baik saja. Dan itu sulit dipercaya. ;) *Tapi harus percaya kalau saya seorang blogger yang cuma punya sosmed Twitter, tidak punya Facebook, Instagram, Path, dll*
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